Sparky-The Wonder Dog-A Story of Fear and Transformation

These “unprecedented” times have shaken the leaves from the tree of my status quo and cracked open parts of myself that were needing attention.  During the drastic changes in activity and schedule as well as the collective uncertainty of the world and our country, I think that counts for a justifiable core shaking.  While still working from home, I’ve engaged myself in personal self-growth opportunities and practices to find new ways to show up to myself and others better.  Living from the power of your heart in practice.  Since we needed to postpone the workshop of the same name, I decided to engage its wisdoms.  I was in for a ride.

One of the jobs of a psychotherapist is to encourage others to face their present challenges and fears in healthy ways.  The other is to help them access their own true potentials with the idea that living authentically and with purpose can not only empower themselves but all that influence.  I recently heard that each person has an impact on 100,000 others.  No hard data here but when I thought about the idea, it inspired me more.  What you do matters!

Sparky showed up in my dream. He was one of those “little dogs” that are prone to lots of barking.  I’m a cat person so dogs don’t usually hang around my space – and even in the dream I was walking Sparky for his owner and was “doing my job.”  We walked together down the city street. The barking started  suddenly and  I reacted with alarm as he pulled on the leash to get me to go the other way.  I was resisting yet he found a way to break free from the leash and collar.  He started running the short distance away where, slightly hidden from the sidewalk, sat a man holding another “little dog” only what this man was doing to this dog was abusive.  There was blood around the dog as the man continued his abuse.  I was horrified and frozen.  Sparky wouldn’t relent.  He bravely continued to bark in alarm.  I wanted a way out….I had to see the perpetrator’s eyes to realize there was no way to turn away from this  evil glare.  I knew I had to act.  I found myself with a garden hose in my hand with one of those multiple setting attachments like the one I use at home.  I struggled to find just the right angle to hit him with the water spray in the face. He became even angrier and grabbed a mouse from the sidewalk and crushed it in front of me.  I kept spraying until he started to dissolve into oblivion.  Simutaneously, time fast forwarded and a small storefront with an arcade and kids playing emerged in the same spot.  A total shift.  I didn’t get to follow Sparky through the dream but when I awoke, I sensed a new awareness of fear and desire to break through my own fears, face them and transform them with love and compassion….my own Star Wars battle with the garden hose.  I appreciated the ordinary means used to stand my ground amidst the drama of what the dream unfolded.

The dog symbolizes loyalty and personal integrity.  When we respond to life out of fear of disapproval or to avoid conflict you deny your own authority and give away your power.  Accessing your inner power or wisdom rather than assume others have better capacities or authority is called for when a dog enters your space.  In my case, this dream brought forth this quality of integrity and inner strength that may not have been acknowledged as it should be.  Sparky was able to break free from the collar and the leash and do what he had to do to protect one of his own.  What am I willing to do to be loyal true to my own heart’s wisdom and truth?  How can you break free from the negativity and fears that may have been triggered during this pandemic in the world? What are the big questions coming up in your life?

Pay attention to any dreams, events or experiences that are coming in front of you during these new times.  Find honor in your process and  keep walking forward.  There is support pouring in….it’s finding what you need that will make things interesting.

May the force of love and honor be with you.





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