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Spring is making its appearance into the Fargo prairie land.  I am grateful for the sun.  Today I will focus on developing a healing relationship with yourself – mind/body/spirit that is and share with you the positive healing news in the plant worlds.    Many of us were brought to separate our thinking selves with our physical bodies and our spiritual nature.  The old adages such as :

  • Work hard
  • Be Serious
  • Don’t feel too much (once in awhile a little happiness or anger may be seen)
  • Be guarded or wary
  • Don’t be ……..this could be any number of things such as show off, too loud, too quiet, too emotional, too fat, too skinny, too smart and the list goes on depending on the family you grew up in.

…. are beliefs we have internalized with more power and influence than we may realize.  I was talking with a young girl in grade school recently.  I asked her what her 3 wishes were.  She responded by saying ” I want to be great in gymnastics, a top horse rider and not be fat.”  I tried in my own way to “positize” the last wish and said, “You mean you want to be in good physical shape?”   Even at a young age we start training ourselves in what “should be the best” rather than what is best for our own self.  Since I have my own “fat story” (see website blog,  and am sensitive to this subject, senses reacted strongly. Each person embodies what we believe to be true and we store some of these beliefs in different areas of the body.  Cells contain emotional energies.  There are books and research on this subject that proves this connection within our bodies.  In other words, we need to find the language that the body understands and that most often involves releasing all the old negative beliefs we carry and replacing them with more positive messages.

  • I can be productive and aware of myself
  • I cooperate with myself and others
  • I love and approve of myself
  • I trust the process of life and learn lessons when problems arise
  • Do be yourself

There are many healing practices that I practice myself and many that I teach to clients to help them find their own strategies.   I am beginning to realize at this seasoned age that we can always do something, regardless of age number, to free and strengthen ourselves from what didn’t balance with our heart self…. or the authentic self.  I have been doing chakra assessments for others over the last 6 months and continue to be impressed with how each of our body energy centers operate.  They each have their own missions so to speak yet they work intimately with the whole.  When there are problems on any level of functioning these energy, centers react.  We may feel fatigue, pain, mood issues, interpersonal problems or other challenging symptoms.  Awareness of these balances empowers us to act and understand.   Usually, we will find the chakra essential oil blend that corresponds to the part of the body or chakra and test to see if this will help remedy the imbalances.  This is a link to the chakra essential oil page to give you more information about how these oils are used.  Scroll to the bottom and hit the chakra tab.


​​​Personal Revelations​ – This last few years have been challenging for me physically.  I experienced some hip/back related injuries that impacted my whole torso and tried many treatments to ease the pain/inflammation that developed.  I tried to ignore it for the longest time, being that I was a “hard worker” and did most things “seriously”.  One thing about pain, it usually succeeds in getting your attention which then decreases the attention you have for things you enjoy doing.  Being a somatic person by temperament, meaning the body feels the emotions more easily than some, I was keenly aware of the physical symptoms which increased anxiety symptoms which let’s just say didn’t make things better.  Interestingly, this came at the same time I felt healthy in my love life meaning that I felt my emotional needs were being met.  Remember, determining if your emotional needs are me is a “felt” sense.  Do I feel loved? and am I able to give love?  This is in relationship to your loved one.  Since I had known unhealthy relationships in the past, I could experience the difference firsthand.  All I can say is there is a difference.  Now I needed to focus on finding ways to support and meet my body’s needs, releasing old patterns that didn’t help and finding new ones that did.  Still on the path, I have some new perspectives and am gradually getting stronger with all that I’ve learned.  Here are some paths I’ve sought out in the process.  All have been important in some way:  Chiropractic, Emotion Code, ( )  Physical Therapy using postural restoration techniques, Yoga and Pilates, Nutrition testing to target specific nutritional needs that your body has, Prolotherapy to strengthen ligaments and Mindfulness and self-love  strategies including Qi Gong, (Spring Forest techniques out of Eden Prairie, MN) and studying Louise Hay books/mirror work exercises.  Recently I’ve gotten training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that is also effective in helping the body release and restore the energy flow by tapping on certain acupressure points of our body.    I have explored many areas in the last 8 years and am beginning to develop perspective.  “What do I really need?” Most people may not need to make the same colorful journey that I have chosen but the important pearl here is that we all need something to help go within and heal. Basically, finding the way back to loving and accepting oneself even though…. life happens and lessons are put in front of us.

My Recent Essential Oil Favorites

I traveled to Nevada last week to visit family and found that the most used oils were tea tree, (sore on body) Wellness for Kids, (helps with immune…roll on your feet in the morning) ​ Ravintsara, (for congestion) I Connect, (foot chakra blend that helps ground and stabilize body) Lavender Ice and Trauma Relief, (back pain) I always carry a Lavender Vera, and one of the Spiritual oils such as Mary or Ruth if I need extra support.  Lemon is another effective travel oil as you can cleanse water when you are out with one drop. I use the lavender-lemon blend to put in the wash machine for a clean and nice smelling wash.   My family sometimes relies on me to suggest one essential oil or another depending on their issues.  I also travel with Protector spray and mist it around my space or other areas that need cleansing – to disinfect and emotionally clear negative energies.  You can use a variety of oils in mister sprays.  Use distilled water with 10-15 drops of oil, depending on how big your spray bottle is.  Bergamot is nature’s Prozac, Orange and Tangerine to ease anxiety, Peppermint for refreshing and more.  You can search for detailed information on individual oils in the search bar.

Recipe of the Day – clean your shower to prevent mold/soap films:

2 oz. water

1 Tablespoon Vinegar

4 drops lime

2 drops peppermint

2 drops lemon

Use a glass or PET plastic bottle.  Pour water and vinegar into the bottle and then add the essential oils.  After your shower, shake the shower spray and spray tile, floor, shower door or curtain and faucet fixtures.  You can leave it on or sponge it off it desired.  This is best made fresh every couple of weeks.



Alexandria Brighton, the formulator for all the goDesana essential oils and my teacher, has formulated 3 Ayurvedic superfoods that have been on the market for a couple of months.  I have tried them. followed people who have tried them and observed feedback from others on social media. There are many positive testimonials and it is EXCITING!  Essentially, Alexandria has blended a formula of raw concentrated superfood which targets inflammation.  MIND focuses on cognitive, mood and brain health, BODY targets the circulation/heart system and SOUL supports the immune/liver system.  I use MIND and SOUL together.  Some combine a shot of all 3 and others do well with one.  I have noticed “on the top of my game” thinking and less fatigue as well as decreased sinus congestion.  I look forward to the daily “shot”.  This is a sister company of goDesana called HB Naturals.  If you are interested in the research and other information about them check out the website or contact me for more information.   The company offers free sample packs with the cost of shipping. ($4.95)  The aroma of each one is good energy as they say.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

​Enjoy your Day,


Tina Johnson

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