Essential Oils and Family Wellness

Fall is the season of preparation.  Rich, autumn colors abound here in the Red River valley….so many lovely pictures of the trees, the colors and spending precious time outside before the transition to winter.  I am busy in preparation for the family wellness class at Natural Grocers/Fargo on October 19th from 7-8 PM.     Here are some of the highlights and topics to be addressed.
The information comes in part from my training with Alexandria Brighton at her Institute for botanical studies in Idaho.  There is more and more interest in using natural means of treating illnesses, diseases, and pain,as we hear way too much about the consequences and side effects of synthetic drugs and OTC medicines.  The symptoms may be relieved temporarily but the person is often left in a worse condition.  Being able to help yourself and others with more natural options is one way to love and care for  yourself and nurture others.
I will be referring to topical and inhalation forms of using essential oils.  These are the most common and are safe for all age groups.
There are two terms to be aware of in topical usage.  Penetration is the actual entry of essential oil molecules into and through the skin.  Permeation is the subsequent absorption or uptake of the substance into the body and available to the body systemically.  Using oils on the hands and feet are the fastest way to get them into the body to help and heal.  It was once thought that using essential oils on the skin didn’t get through.  We now know that essential oils can reach the basil epidermal cells.

Diagram of the Human Skin

It’s so amazing how intricate and cooperative our bodies are with each other.  Our bodies want to be well and in sync but as we know there are many things that can throw it off balance.  Stresses of life are everywhere and life has given us the  job to manage them. We all handle and process stress differently depending on our temperaments and experiences.  A reaction on our skin may indicate an imbalance in our hormones, or internal organs which reflects there.  I had a spot of excema recently and learned that this can be a sign of that imbalance so I made some dietary shifts, hydrated my body and skin more, used some essential oils  and monitored it.  The Dr’s have limited knowledge in many of these conditions beyond the dysfunction itself.  Cedarwood is known to help with eczema so will add that to a carrier oil and use that.  Fall brings dryer air and all things related to that – skin, respiratory, and flu viruses.
The oils I will mention in the Oct. class will all be ones with a high level of safety to use in pregnancy, with children and elderly.  My mother recently told me taking a bath with rose geranium oil was rejuvenating.  She now has the habit of looking up the essential oils that are useful with whatever symptom she or my father are experiencing.  One caution  – never put essential oil in the ear canal.  Ear relief oil is wonderful to put around the outside of the ear but is not safe to put inside.  This happened recently to my father who was unaware of this and put a drop of Ravintsara in the ear canal.  It caused burning and some irritation for a few hours.   He was able to dilute olive oil on a cotton ball and remove any of the excess oil there.  Avoid using water to wipe away essential oils.  It doesn’t work.  Use any type of quality carrier oils such as almond, sesame, olive or grapeseed.  The following essential oils/blends are selected ones for each topic area.  There are many variations to use as you become more familiar.
Family Wellness  – Protect the environment
Protector Blend which is a blend of Sage, Ocean Pine, Eucalyptus globulus, Lemongrass, Juniper Berry, Spruce, black; Eucalyptus citriodora, Tea Tree, Cypress, Frankincense, Thyme ct. linalool, and Jojoba.   This mighty blend can do almost anything in the fighting germs department.  Diffusing 15- 20 drops when there is sickness in the house prevents germs from spreading.  Dr. Jean Valnet, MD, a well known aromatherapist reports that the oils in Protector can eliminate 70% of step bacteria when diffused.
HOUSEHOLD • Add 30 drops to washing machine or dishwasher to prevent the spread of germs. • Add 5 drops to soap dispensers to prevent the spread of germs. • Add 5 drops to water when hand-washing dishes. • Add 60 drops to goDésana Spray & Wipe Cleaner (16oz) to increase germ fighting properties. • Keep a misting bottle in every room of your home for a quick clean and disinfectant wipe.   The Spray and Wipe Cleaner referred to here is also very effective on wood.  It’s so much better than “Lemon Pledge”  which I used for years and believed it to be healthy for the house.  Logically, we now know all the chemicals/synthetics that are there and all absorbed by us!  Let’s help our livers in our bodies all we can and decrease it’s workload.
MISTING • Mix 15-20 drops into 4 ounces of distilled water in a cobalt blue glass or PET plastic spray bottle. Shake vigorously and mist into the environment to cleanse your surrounding air.
MOLD & BACTERIA • Use misting spray on surfaces where mold or bacteria are growing. • Diffuse Protector in rooms where mold and bacteria are known to be present.  This blend can even kill bed bugs so when you are traveling take a 2 oz cobalt blue spray bottle filled with distilled water and add 12-14 drops.
Prevention, knowledge and do the best you can seems to be the words as we usher in the cooler season and indoor living.  Less sunlight means a change in how our bodies operate so be aware of that and adjust Vitamin D and key nutrients of life such as magnesium and anti-oxidants that fight viruses and bacteria.  Plenty of clean, filtered water and eating an alkaline diet are important keys. To supplement our “sunlight needs”  a sun box that mimics natural light of the sun is worth considering.  I have mine out and when it’s cloudy will use it for 20-30 minutes in the mornings.  Do your research on best one to purchase or let me know as I have information I can send you.   Stress management is the another key to preventing illness.  It’s important to understand how you have learned to react to stress.  Habits that are unhealthy can be changed…not so much our temperament..    We all have our own personalities that play a role in how we take care of our own health and immune system.  If you have a chance to learn about your personality this will help you manage your health.  Tests such as Meyers-Briggs and the Enneagram are a couple of good ones.  When we do get sick, essential oils can help fight the germs and feel better about the whole process.  The go-to oils for children and seniors (adults are included)  at times of cold and flu are:
Breathe blend, Ravintsara
Eucalyptus radiata, Spearmint
Eucalyptus globulus, Thyme ct. ,inalool
Lemon, Tea Tree
Protector, Wellness for Kids
It is wise to keep on hand at least 2 bottles of Ravintsara for every child in the house, as well as Wellness for Kids, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus radiata, Lemon (especially for diffusing) Eucalyptus globulus and Protector for washing machines, dishwashers and disinfectants. A very effective nighttime treatment (when cold symptoms are often the worst) is to diffuse Eucalyptus radiata while sleeping. You can also diffuse several drops each of the following oils combined: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint.
At the first sign of a cold get the oils out.  Wellness for adults or kids depending on your age.  This oil blends contains Organic Eucalyptus Radiata, Tea Tree, Ravintsara, Oregano, Cinnamon Bark, Organic Clove Bud, Organic Palmarosa, Peppermint or Eucalyptus Radiata, Ravintsara, Thyme ct. linalool, Lemon, Tea Tree.  
The wellness for adults blend is a little stronger so it depends on your life stage which one you choose to use.  I’ve got mine on the nightstand ready for the season.
Emotions and Mood
The wellness of any family is related to how they cope with the ups and downs.  Humans were designed with powerful emotions.  When they are not expressed in an open and healthy way, they get swallowed or stored in the body and manifest in another way.  When kids have temper tantrums, we see the beginnings of this power.  In an ideal situation they would gradually learn ways to get their needs met and express emotions in a positive way and learn the lessons they need to be happy and joyful.  We all deserve to  experience this joy – as has been said,  “it is our birthright.”
Essential oils can aid in this process.  I invite you to have some faith in the plant world.  As always, it is important to look for organic, and therapeutic grade oils.  Alexandria Brighton, the formulator for the oils I use is committed to this and has put in a rigorous testing protocol for all the essential oils they order.  In past classes, we have targeted depression, anxiety, mood swings and grief as well as everyday life stresses.  Each day I assess my intention or challenge and choose an appropriate oil for that day.  Here are some of the common ones:
Calm – Primary Uses: Relaxation, Calming, Sleep, Addictions
Children and adults alike find this blend very relaxing, particularly if they are over-stimulated and cannot fall asleep. This sweet-smelling blend can assist the nervous system while breaking life-draining addictions. Its beautiful fragrance helps one’s nerves to remain calm when feeling over-tired or stressed.  It has tangerine, orange, grapefruit, rose and Ylang Ylang in this blend.  It has been called “Angel Mist” when you combine 20 drops of calm with 4 oz of distilled water in a spray bottle.
Dispel Fear – This blend combines Organic Vetiver, Geranium, rose; Rose, Organic Palmorosa, and Neroli.  A note about Neroli;  it’s one of the best to decrease anxiety and strong emotions/panic attacks.  Geranium and Rose has a powerful impact on depressive symptoms – one of my mother’s favorites for a sad mood.  
Tangerine – We can also include other citrus oils such as Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit.  They are all uplifting and good for focus and mental clarity.  Tangerine is especially noted for helping with anxiety.  I often diffuse these oils to cleanse, freshen and help focus!
Bergamot – This is also considered a citrus, blood orange fruit.  The special properties of this single oil is it’s anti-depressant properties.  This oil in referred to as “Nature’s Prozac.”  
Dragon Fire – Dragon Fire is a proprietary blend, uniquely formulated to target negative energy of the most profound, insidious, and damaging nature and transmute that energy to life-affirming, life-enhancing energy.  Dragon Fire is of great benefit when used topically and/or environmentally in areas where major trauma has taken place, such as abuse, divorce, bankruptcy, violence, or death. Emotionally supportive and strengthening, it can create an energetic shift, powerfully and effectively, without one having to re-live the original trauma.
An important component of this blend is an essential oil known as Dragon’s Blood, which has been extracted from the resin of Daemonorops draco Blume, a palm indigenous to marshy regions of southwest Asia with a long history of use in neutralizing negative energies.  This is the oil I call “the big gun” because there are times in life when we face the fires so to speak.  I suggest putting this in a misting spray (12-15 drops) and spray it in the environment of the “fire” in your life.  I sometimes put several drops on a cotton ball and have clients hold it as they talk about difficult topics.  
Frankincense – Has a long history of healing on many levels.  It has been shown to slow down and deepen the breath.  It has been used in many ways, to calm anxieties, deepen meditation and prayer times as well as aiding in other ailments of the body.  This is one of my go-to’s in helping calm the nervous system.  
Focus –Primary Uses: Focus, Concentration, Mental Sharpness – Basil, sweet; Lemon, Organic Rosemary 1,8 cineole, Geranium, rose; Peppermint
This blend is wonderfully supportive when increased mental alertness is required such as when driving long distances, studying, doing book work, or taking tests. It is of great benefit when mental performance is required and extra concentration is needed. Focus blend helps to stimulate the logical left-brain thought processes, while preventing mental fatigue.
Diffuse, use in a personal inhaler, dab on the temples or brain reflex points of the feet
Grief Relief –Primary Uses: Grief, Sadness, Depression  Organic Bergamot, Cedarwood, atlas; Clary Sage, Cypress, Rose, Spikenard
When one is unable to process grief, it remains raw and even years later can feel as though the experience happened just yesterday. Grief Relief helps keep the heart center open and processing sadness or grief at the speed of life, so that the source can actually resolve, and not just fade into unconsciousness. This blend resonates with the heart and acts as a soothing balm, allowing healing to take place.
Primary Uses: Inspiration, Abundance, Finances, Depression, Anxiety, Environment –  Patchouli, Organic Orange, sweet; Cinnamon Bark, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Spruce, black; Nutmeg
Energize your surroundings with the radiant and magnetic energy of prosperity. Prosper blend contains essential oils from spices which, in ancient times, were considered more valuable than gold. This blend represents prosperity and abundance in all its forms—increased opportunity, financial gain, abundant friends, and increased health and wellbeing. It has been one of the top-selling essential blends over the past 20 years.
Prosper blend has, as Alexandria Brighton has taught, spices that in ancient times were considered more valuable than gold. It represents prosperity and abundance in all forms, and is used to energize our surroundings with the radiant, magnetic energy of joy and prosperity. This is a marvelously supportive blend to aid in expanding the energy of abundance in one’s personal life.
This class will focus on some ways to to help you and your family in everyday life as we learn and explore ways to integrate healing essential oils in a safe and healthy way.  As always, don’t hesitate to contact me for additional information.  I also provide the services of  personal aromatherapy consultations and chakra assessments incorporating the chakra blend essential oils.  

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