Essential Oils – Aroma Therapy

Essential Oil Aroma Therapy with Tina Johnson | Fargo, ND 58103

Essential Oils are ancient yet surprisingly underutilized in modern times. Why is that? There is a rich history of how essential oils were used in Biblical times to treat human ills of the mind and body. Many other cultures, as well, valued the power of these oils and were a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Recently, I became aware of this body of knowledge and researched the many ways essential oils can assist in depression/anxiety recovery as well as other stress related problems. I even found remedies to help couples engage with each other and improve intimacy Indeed, there is much to learn but the remedies are surprisingly simple. Creating a healthy lifestyle has many pieces to it – many of us are unbalanced and have no idea where to start and some have made significant steps in creating health and emotional stability. On this page I will provide education about the specific oils/blends and their use with emotional and mood regulation. I have chosen to associate with a company that offers high quality, therapeutic grade and certified organic essential oils and education about their uses. First, its important to have an assessment of your overall health, what your emotional as well physical goals are and set up a roadmap to get to where you

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