Empowerment – Hearing the Call of Your Heart

Our society is rumbling and shaking with all the changes and constant distractions of today.  We can be engaged in technology all day long and many days we may seem like it feels that we are.  I confess that I just spent 5 hours on an audio book and more hours afterward researching the life of Lucille Ball, finding dozens of You Tubes to sort through.  The question that occurred to me was what was driving me to do this?  I experienced the emotional memories of the zany comedy of Lucy and compared it to the reality of her life as I watched the documentaries on her troubled marriage, parenthood in her 40’s and how she coped with her life and searched for love – of self and another.  We humans have been at this for many generations…. slow emotional learners that we are.  The beauty of these times is its potential.  These upheavals and innovations can create action and now it is time to cultivate the tools of the heart which have been around but not easily accessible to most of us.  Times are beginning to change thanks in part to technology.  We are readier than ever before.  When I looked into the eyes of Lucy I saw both the pain and the sparkle she had for creating  love within her life. 

Recently I  studied the symbolisms of some of  ancient  Greek gods/goddesses and was touched by the powerful metaphors to our parts of self. Yes, I did take a college class on this at then Mary College in Bismarck during my freshman year.  Sister Theresa taught the class.  I tried to listen, I really did…. Aphrodite was the goddess of love and Athena was the goddess of wisdom – thought.  The head and the heart. Each god/goddess had their own associations with personality traits/characteristics.  They actually had a rather elaborate system in place to represent human life at the time. I remember seeing the huge statue of Athena in Nashville, TN.  They had a statue of this pagan goddess  in Nashville’s  replica of the Parthenon in Greece.  This was Nashville’s early attempt to display their cities committment to learning and enlightenment.  This was, of course, prior to the country music influence.

One of the exercises that I use in my work with couples is called Parts party.  We identify all our “parts” of self-using various associations like Wicked witch of the west, The angel, Madonna,  The Hero  or even Wendy whiner.  We then go on to act out these parts and help them cooperate and accept each other as they are – but the heart of this exercise is to synchronize these parts with the heart – to live as the person we truly are.  As you may imagine, this is not the easiest to do but when we can “see” our parts in process we can experience how it feels to live by your parts (your ego self) or your authentic self.   We humans are very curious which creates the  quest for self understanding and  meaning for our lives.  What really were we put on this earth to do?  My quest has led me to practice and study love.  What a journey that has been!

Our new workshop, Living from the Power of Your Heart, embodies this evolution of finding accessible and a basic toolkit for opening this relationship with your heart.  Our next workshop date is March 23, 2019 from 10 AM -4 PM.  This is a small group setting which makes it a perfect environment to create our heart’s desires and intentions for the future.  Since my decision to focus on empowerment for myself new doors emerged, and this workshop is one of its fruits.  For me, this empowerment felt energizing despite the extra work that it required.  From there it seemed to merge into a desire for a better understanding about my physical body and questions about empowering it.  More doors opened as I began to take steps to get the tests, discern the best course and make the changes I needed to heal/improve my body.  It was a surprise that a no sugar diet would be one of those choices I made to improve and empower my insides.  The standard American diet is so hard on us!  I was in denial…. I believed my mostly vegetarian diet was already healthy.   Where are the support groups?  They should have them at each clinic site along with knowledge/nutrition centers that people can easily access.   This was a huge shift.  Americans now eat about 57 lbs. of added sugar per year!  When I realized the addictive nature of sugar mimics other addictions in the brain I was hit with a realization that shocked me.  I grew up within the sugar and processed food culture and had bought into it on many levels.  Suddenly something clicked.

Timing is essential here.  We all did the best we could do to survive what we needed to live through – and the fact that you have found this article reflects your present readiness for something new.  This workshop will focus on setting your intention of your heart’s desire which is connected to your original blueprint for life.  Spiritually there are many ways to consider this but the truth here is in the process of finding this unique wisdom that you have always carried and find the way to peel off some of the stress layers of survival to reveal this beautiful truth of your life.  My website www.relatecommunicate.com has a video to further explain this.  Check it out!

I Love is the essential oil blend that Alexandria Brighton created for the heart energy center.    This is the center of our experience of love. It is where we develop love and attachment to our family members, close friends, and others with whom we come to have close relationships. Our sense of security in family and community comes from the development of the Heart center. “When we are loved unconditionally, we learn to give love unconditionally. If we were taught that we would only be loved if we acted a certain way, or did certain things, then we may not be able to love without conditions being attached within our close relationships. When it is unblocked, we give love unconditionally and attract to ourselves those people who give us an abundance of love. When it is blocked, we feel the lack of love in our lives.as keenly as those with Sacral center blockages feel a lack of material security.   This information was summarized from the goDesana website and reflects the research.

Ingredients include:  100% Pure, Certified Organic and Wildcrafted oils of Rose, Clary Sage, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang Complete, Rosewood, Palmarosa, Spikenard, Neroli, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Lavender, fine; Dragon’s Blood, Cedarwood, atlas; Elemi, Grapefruit, pink; Marjoram, sweet; Pettitgrain, Cypress, and Jojoba

This essential oil  blend also contains calming and grounding properties.  Some have been used since Biblical times such as Spikenard, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Cedarwood.  Since this workshop is in my office, we will be able to learn/sample some of these oils that are in the I Love Blend.  http://www.goDesana.com/newpath

Winter is beginning to wind down.  I feel it as I feel the sun through the window (still too cold to really go outside) and anticapate the new beginnings of the Spring season.

As always please let me know if you have questions or need support.


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