Blazing New Trails – Tips to Step Up


The animal that is guiding me today is the dolphin.  “Dolphin speaks to us of the breath of life.” This is from the book Medicine Cards.  Studying and learning from the animals has always helped me in the greatest times of need.  Breath connects us with our inner wisdom of being human and is one of the keys to help release unwanted emotions.  These are times of great change and adjustments.  One of my adjustment activities that I referred to in my previous blog has emerged.  Writing is one such way to tap into this creativity and the other was the intention to encourage others as well as myself to take this phenomenon that has occurred in the world and find ways to step up for themselves and for the greater good.

As a child of the 70’’s I remember a television show called Flipper, the “talking” dolphin.  Flipper just flipped around in the water and talked dolphin.   I imagined what it would be like to swim around and dive deep within the blue ocean waters.  As an adult I still can dream of that feeling of freedom and presence with nature in my imagination. Turns out Dolphin is that symbolic connection to language, Divine Spirit and Mother Earth.  This is that time to link with others and be part of the solution rather than succumb to the fear/gloom/doom that bombards the mind daily.

Tip 1 – Actively Accept  Start where you are at.  Accept whatever mood state you are in as a result of the changes in lifestyle, job, routines in your life.  I wonder what the dolphin would do when encountering crisis in its environment.  One thing is certain, he/she would continue to breathe and do whatever is possible to retain the rhythmic flow.  Overthinking and panic aren’t part of the natural world.  Fear can be met with action.

Tip 2 – Assess your needs  Obviously, we all have the basic needs of shelter, food, air and water.  The emotional needs are just as crucial.  Our need to feel love and express love is at the heart of each person.  We all have a different level of what can satisfy these needs.  That’s why I strongly encourage people that I work with to assess the way their emotional needs are getting met or not.  It’s subjective and goes by how you feel.  Do you really feel loved?  Are you free to express love and feel safe?  Basic questions but so important!  Be honest with yourself.  If they are being met its easier to move out of survival living.  If there are gaps here, there are many things one can do to help get them met.  First set the intention you desire to have them met and set the plan for these needs to be met.  When these emotional needs are met, we are free to grow through adversities with courage and love in our hearts.

Tip 3 – Evaluate your relationships – Smothering or isolating – Where do you find yourself on the spectrum?  We aren’t used to so much togetherness – For me with kids grown it’s one thing, for others with a busy household, it would be another.  Managing with resilience rather than overwhelm would be the goal here.  It’s easy to say Be Kind but that is so important.  When we give in to our negative emotions, have a plan in place with your partner and family.  Let them know ahead of time what the plan is, what your stress style is and that you have made the choice to not only survive during this time but to find a new resilience and depth of life.  Whatever words you choose, you communicate the energy of our survival from our ancestors and consciously enter a new age of evolution and growth from adversity.

Tip 4 – Don’t lose sight of the Basics – Eat as healthy as you can.  Drink more clean water with lime/lemon, consider celery/green juices each morning, try new things, keep warm or cool as your body needs.  Check in with yourself intentionally using the Dolphin way of breathing.  There is a popular technique called the 4-7-8 breath.  This is easily found on YouTube and is a great practice to inhale, hold and exhale with rhythm.  Whenever we use breath consciously, we can connect to our inner wisdom and access this powerful energy we all carry.   I was out in nature today and found a little stream to experience and took the time to breathe – there was no where I really had to be in 5 minutes.   This may look very different for the workers during this crisis but doesn’t change the importance of caring for themselves while caring for others.

Wisdom from Dolphin

We will all swim through this dark and stormy night.

Connection to the power within your spirit is always accessible with your breath.

We have new opportunities to know ourselves and others better.

Break some of the old habits and barriers to your true potential and know that each step you take now has great possibilities/life lessons.

Know that you are Loved and Whole in the eyes of Spirit.  Use your energy to step up and ride the dark waves of uncertainty.

We are entering into new times…..

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