Welcome to Enlightened Mental Health Services!

Tina M Johnson, LCSW and Zelko Leon, MD are  residents of AZ and are providing a variety of mental health services. Offices are in Cottonwood and Sedona and are convenient to those in the AZ Verde Valley area. Tina has a tele health practice that can serve residents in ND and those in AZ who request this service

Welcome to Enlightened Mental Health Services, a newly established practice in Arizona. Tina M. Johnson and Zelko Leon are experienced mental health professionals who provide a variety of services including psychotherapy and psychiatric medication as well as complementary and alternative therapies. Tina has a tele- health online practice that can serve residents in ND and those in AZ who request this service.

These approaches can assist you in dealing with a specific problem, coping with upsetting memories or experiences, improve your relationships and develop better ways of living day-to-day. Education and practice of a healthy lifestyle is crucial in the establishment of the grounds for prevention of mental health issues and enhancement of the state of wellness. We strive to
optimize your well-being, self-efficacy, autonomy, competence, and realization of your mental, emotional and spiritual potentials. Our website has a wealth of relevant information about the professional background, services, writings, workshops, and much more. We are collaborative, confidential, compassionate, comprehensive.

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“Living from the Power of your Heart”

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